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Vysor doesn’t emulate an Android on your desktop; instead, it connects your existing Android device either wirelessly or via USB cable to a desktop machine. Vysor works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and on any Chrome browser. The other downside to ARC Welder is that you can only run one app at a time. This might not impact you if you’re only testing or using one app, but if you want it as an Android emulator too, you might find it limiting. If you have an app open, you will need to go back to the install screen and choose a different one.

Still, it can be installed using the methods explained here. The ConfigAPK app can be seen in the list of running background apps but there’s nothing to worry about. However, many Android users raised concerns about Config APK, claiming that the app slows down the phone and drains its battery rather quickly. Is ConfigAPK secure and how to remove ConfigAPK by disabling ConfigAPKpackage on Android. These are the question we are going to find the answers for.

What Apps Can I Safely Remove From My Android Phone?

Just exchange “Uninstall” with “disable” in the command of ADB given above. It is the reason why you need to use mobile phones and tablets like desktops. The Android platform is entirely a separate operating system.

  • Nevertheless, with a purpose to disable the package, you may follow the stairs below.
  • This isn’t what casual users will do, but Android enthusiasts and hardcore gamers do this all the time.
  • Soon, WSATools will support backing up Android apps and data, making applications easier to reinstall.

Here’s how to disable apps starting up automatically on a Mac. Top 5 Ways to Disable Startup Apps on Windows 11 Learn a few different ways to easily disable startup apps on Windows 11. To get a good sense of how a Startup app will impact Windows 11, try sorting the apps based on their Startup Impacts.

Then, there are many cool games that you may like to run, even apps that are frustrating to use on the smaller screen. This is actually why some people get Chromebooks in the first place. In addition, apk mod can also be used to pirate copyrighted material. This not only hurts developers but can also lead to legal issues for individuals who use pirated content.

How to access and use Smart Lock in Android

Alternatively, you can download an Android emulator and install it on your computer. Nox Player is another popular Android emulator for Windows that allows you to install apps and use them on your desktop. If you go for this option, the first step is to download the installation file; to do so, click on the green Download button. Having made this necessary clarification, let’s take action.

The list of blocked features include hardware-level DRM, USB support, direct access to Bluetooth devices, and all widgets. If Genymotion doesn’t suit your needs, Google’s official Android software development kit also comes with an Android emulator, though setup is more complex. If you’re looking to explore the Android operating system itself—rather than individual apps—Genymotion is a decent emulator. It is supported across various platforms, in which you can select various devices, screen sizes, or different iOS versions. This will display a list of apps installed on https://apksavers.com/ your phone. Click on the app you want, and it will launch in a window just as it looks on your device.

So, do not blindly download APKs from any website online. With this plugin, you can download and play apps and games directly on your Huawei pc device. You can access these apps via Huawei AppGallery smartphone apps on a large screen.

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